90 years of History.

The Eleuterio brand was founded in 1925 by Eleuterio Antunes in Travassos, in northern Portugal, a region with strong craft traditions in jewelry. The company has always specialized in the art of filigree, and ancient technique of producing jewelry with a fine gold thread.


Today, the grandchildren of the founder, Rosa & Luis Antunes, continue to keep the work of its artisans alive. All the parts are produced in-house. The jewels have gained a new aesthetic, with new designs, new combinations of gold, diamonds and high standards of quality and finish. 


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The Eleuterio Blossom collection is inspired by Nature. Flowery, delicate and feminine. A young and elegant way of combining the filigree with diamonds. 

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The Eleuterio Couture collection is a tribute to the aesthetics of the 1930’s and its bohemian spirit. Inspired in the shape of a hang fan evokes the lavish jewelry style of the early 20th century.

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The Eleuterio Heritage collection merges two Portuguese traditions, Fado and Filigree.

Heritage draws its inspiration in the lines of Portuguese Guitar, instrument with a fluid shape and with a very particular acoustic.