How much will my repair cost?
Our jewelers will supply you with a free estimate for all repairs before we begin any work.

I have some jewelery that requires repair, how long will that take?
Repair turnaround is affected by the intricacy of the design as well as the detail work that needs to be done. Our jewelers typically take 3 to 7 days for a repair. Should we need to replace missing gems, we will advise you of approximately how long it will take to obtain an appropriate replacement.

My jewelry looks dull, is there anything that can be done?
We offer full polishing and rhodium plating services that will restore the luster to any of your favorite items.

My white gold jewelry is starting to look worn, what can be done to restore the white color?
We offer polishing and rhodium plating to restore the natural white color of your jewelry.

What is rhodium plating?
White gold jewelry is plated with a microscopic layer of rhodium to enhance the white color of the alloyed gold. In rhodium plating, the remaining layers of rhodium are polished off and a new layer is deposited on the surface of the jewelry.

How do you resize a ring?
Our jewelers will insert or remove a small amount of metal to increase or decrease the size of the ring. We can use standard sizing, or should you require, you can work directly with our jeweler as he fine tunes the size to your finger.

Our jewelers can work in any precious metal, but please be aware that in some cases it is not possible to resize a ring due to the design of the ring or the way in which gems may be set.

I have a piece of jewelry with a loose gem, what can be done?
Our jewelers will carefully examine the reason why the gem is loose and suggest the best way to repair your jewelry. In most cases we will need to tighten a prong, but we will advise you if more intricate work will need to be performed.

I have a missing gem (diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, etc), can it be replaced?
Yes. We can use our network of diamond and precious stone buyers to locate a replacement for you. If the missing gem is from a pair of earrings, please be sure to bring in both earrings so we can match the replacement to the original as closely as possible.

I lost an earring back, can you replace it?span>
Yes. We stock earring backs in a variety of sizes and metals. If we do not have the appropriate style, we can obtain one for you.

I have earrings that are friction back can I change them to screw back?
I have earrings that are screw back can I change them to friction back?

Yes. Our jeweler will examine your earrings and provide you with an estimate for the work.

I have a necklace/bracelet with a broken clasp, can it be repaired?
The jewelers at Geneva Seal are more than happy to help you by providing repair or replacement of a damaged clasp.