David Oscarson, designer of royal pens visits Geneva Seal

The David Oscarson collection speaks to imagination and emotion, memories and history. The designer and owner of these handmade Limited Edition writing instruments visited Geneva Seal employees and clients November 6th. David Oscarson writing instruments are hand-crafted from 18- karat gold and .925 Sterling Silver, and each unique design passes through multiple levels of engraving, creating and intricate pattern known as guilloche.

Each collection symbolizes moments of our world's history. For example, the Black Water Dragon collection symbolizes the ultimate symbol for good fortune in Chinese mythology. It is also a symbol for power, happiness, immortality, procreation, fertility and activity. While mythical in nature, the Dragon is revered as the most sacred of animals, possessing divine power to cause rain and thunder, to control floods and to rule over lakes, rivers and seas.

In addition, The Tree of Life Collection symbolizes the Assyrian Tree of Life which was represented by a series of nodes and criss-crossing lines and was an important religious symbol, attended to by eagle-headed gods and priests, or the king himself.
There are many more collections you can read about on the David Oscarson website. With such history and passion that these pens share it's a wonderful investment for a holiday or birthday gift!  http://davidoscarson.com/

Author: Kacie Greer

Lisa Jungers, GS jeweler and David Oscarson

Lisa Jungers, GS jeweler and David Oscarson