The Revolutionary Watch Brand HYT Hits Chicago in a Big Way

HYT hit Chicago last night at Del Frisco's on Oak Street. The Geneva Seal family and Vincent Perriard, the CEO of the revolutionary luxury watch brand HYT (Hydro Mechanical Horologists) enjoyed an evening filled with amazing food and even better company. The watch lovers were in awe of the first-ever watch to combine liquids with mechanical horology. The HYT H1 and H2 watch both use a liquid filled chamber to display the hours using luminescent green, blue, or red liquid in a circular tube. Nothing like this has ever been seen in the watch industry. It's absolutely crazy!

HYT used an ancient Chinese mechanical water clock created by Su Song in 1088 C.E. as the inspiration behind combining liquid and mechanical horology. The ancient Chinese mechanical water clock used hydraulics, applying force at one point, with the force then transferred to a second point using an incompressible liquid.

Ariel Adams, watch writer for A Blog to Watch explains how the HYT watch works, "two bellows are used to push and pull the liquid to show the time on the scale. These bellows are operated by the movement. The minutes are displayed in the center of the face with a dedicated dial, and there is a water turbine style subsidiary seconds hand to the left of it. On the right is a power reserve indicator for the mechanical movement."

It was a special night for watch enthusiasts and collectors to meet the man behind the most revolutionary timepiece ever created. Vince paid tribute to the elite group of horological engineers behind the technology to produce something this amazing. It was a spectacular night and Geneva Seal is proud to exclusively welcome HYT to our home.