Hublot Takes over Art Basel in Miami (click the link for awesome photos)

Geneva Seal's very own iconic watch giant celebrated legendary street artist Mr. Brainwash at an exclusive event during Art Basel in Miami. Hublot and Thierry Guetta's (Mr. Brainwash) hot collaboration took place at Hublot's Bal Harbour boutique by day, with a Brainwash takeover alongside brands like Haute Living and Dom Perignon by night. The intimate evening affair was hosted by actress Eva Longoria, Market America scions Loren and JR Ridinger, Haute Living CEO colorful pop art.

Mr. Brainwash was invited to the Hublot headquarters in Nyon and saw the way that the watch was built. Brainwash explains,  “I appreciate watches, and I saw how each person is building one little piece by one little piece, and eventually that makes a watch,” he continues, “there are so many people involved.”

Mr. Brainwash continues to make history through art and spread his idyllic philosophy with those around him, but he never looks ahead. “It’s not about what you are going to be five years from now,” he reminds us, “now is the real moment that you live.”