Victoire De Castellane

"I want to express myself through jewelry and I am inspired by feelings that are not at the forefront of the mind anymore—like romanticism," she says.

With those words, I have fallen madly in love with jewelry designer, artist, expressionist, romanticist; Victoire de Castellane.


The Gagosian Gallery in New York is holding an exhibition of her jewelry-as-sculpture work, Precious Objects, and I'm mesmerized by her unique talent. Precious Objects displays the designer’s pieces that are inspired by “the synthetic wonders of Technicolor, the Brothers Grimm and Walt Disney, Hollywood screen idols and manga characters, the trash and fizz of pop culture, and the darkest depths of the subconscious."

The pieces are, as de Castellane described, “jewelry at rest, waiting to be worn.”

“I love the idea of making precious objects that at the same time contain jewelry you can wear,” says de Castellane, the Paris-based jewelry designer. “I think it is sad when jewelry just gets left on the overnight table, mixed in with other jewelry."

When I picture de Castellane's colorful and whimsical style, I think fun. Fine jewelry can sometimes give off a sense of seriousness, or a look-but-don't-touch vibe. But de Castallane's pieces make me want to touch, feel, and play with jewelry. Geneva Seal is home to pieces de Castellane may appreciate. We rounded up a collection of oh-so-stylish diamond animal-inspired rings. Each piece is unique, and fun to wear.