Breitling Is the King of Chronometer Watches

What is a Chronometer?

A chronometer is a high-precision watch capable of displaying seconds and housing a movement that has been tested over several days, in different positions and at different temperatures, by an official neutral body (the COSC).

What is a Officially Certified Chronometer?

The COSC or The Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres as its more formally titled is the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute. It is the only organization in the world that decides if a watch is a chronometer or not.

Earning a Officially Certified Chronometer:

To earn chronometer certification, a movement must not only be made from the highest-quality components, but also the object of special care on the part of the finest watchmakers and timers during assembly. It is important to note here that that the fine regulation and chronometer characteristics of a watch can be destroyed in seconds by a rough and inexperienced hand.

Is being a Officially Certified Chronometer Important?

Over a million official chronometer certificates are delivered each year, representing only 3% of the Swiss watch production. Breitling is the only luxury watch brand that has 100% of their pieces chronometer certified, making them the chronometer leaders in the watch industry.

Breitling has been exclusively offering certified chronometers in all models since 2000. Watches are usually oriented towards three categories: diving (SuperOcean), aviation (Navitimer), and luxury (Breitling for Bentley).

What guarantee will you receive when purchasing your Breitling from an authorized dealer?

Geneva Seal is the leading authorized retailer for Breitling Timepieces in Chicago. The value you receive when purchasing your timepiece is immediate. With your COSC certificate we are able to verify the authenticity of your timepiece at the point of purchase. Using our Breitling warranty box we are able to instantly prove your piece is new and directly from the manufacture while also digitally initiating your warranty in seconds. Using your COSC certificate we load your warranty chip in front of you and doing so sends the information to Breitling instantaneously. Before you step foot out the door your Breitling is covered with a 2-5 year manufactures warranty.

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Warranty Chip and Breitling Warranty Initiation Box

Warranty Chip and Breitling Warranty Initiation Box

Officially Certified Chronometer Certificate.

Officially Certified Chronometer Certificate.

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