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When the Geneva Seal Fine Jewelry & Timepieces family welcomed luxury watch brand Hublot into our home, we anticipated the brands influence in today's culture. Beards seem to be one of the sexiest additions to a man's look these days and we fully support this trend. Hublot just announced partnership with This is Beard Season, a super cool charity designed for the man who wants to grow a well-groomed beard for a sweet cause.

In 2010, after losing one of his best friends to melanoma at the age of 26, Jimmy Niggles created Beard Season. Jimmy and his friends all grew beards as conversation starters, so that every time someone asked about their facial follicles, they could share their friend’s story. The campaign went viral and is now an Instagram sensation, with a simple message: Commit to getting a skin check, grow a beard and become a Beard Season Ambassador: Grow On.