Axl Rose Brings Rock'N'Roll to Geneva Seals Luxury Watch Brand: HYT


Geneva Seal Fine Jewelry & Timepieces is honored to count Axl Rose as a new « Friend of the Brand HYT», partnering with the iconic singer and founder of legendary rock band Guns N' Roses, announced today. In honor of Rose joining the HYT family, a limited-edition watch will be created to celebrate this new friendship.

"Axl is a huge fan of watches in general but when he came across HYT he was really blown away,"

explains Vincent Perriard (HYT Co-founder & Board Member). Axl and HYT share the same unconventional attitude.

"I can feel this partnership is going to be very Rock’n’Roll! HYT is creating a unique watch, a unique technology, based on liquids and mechanics."

Mehmet Korutürk, Co-Founder of Magnat Creative Agency adds:

"We are really excited to be part of the collaboration between Mr. Axl Rose – a true rock icon – and HYT, one of the most cutting edge companies in Haute Horlogerie."

This partnership will be based on the creation of a limited edition of one of HYT’s most iconic timepieces: the Skull. The watch will be presented at the next SIHH, in January 2017 in Geneva.