Mother's Day Love: Meet the Geneva Seal Family

"All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother." Abraham Lincoln

Mother's Day is extra special at Geneva Seal Fine Jewelry & Timepieces in Chicago. Being a family-owned business, family is first, second and third. We wanted to honor the amazing women who created the Geneva Seal family by introducing them to our digital family.

From our family to yours, here's a little motherly love we're happy to share with you.

Everyday is Mother's Day with these two. Leonard, the Geneva Seal jeweler and his mother Svetlana have the strongest son-mother relationship I have ever seen. Leonard and Svetlana (Lana for short) are not only a family, but a team. Together they overcame tremendous obstacles, coming to America and not speaking a word of English, to a success that was propelled by hard work and unconditional love.

Lana adores Leonard and everything she does is for him. The same is true of Leonard, Lana is the leading lady in his life and treating her like a Queen is an understatement. They take long walks together, enjoy fabulous meals, warm conversations and have a connection that could be felt from afar. These two aren't just son and mother, they are truly best friends.

Rachel, our Geneva Seal jeweler, has one of the sweetest relationships with her mom. Her mother Paula lives in the suburbs, but the two of them never miss their mother-daughter day every Monday. They shop, lunch and catch up with one another. Even though Rachel chats with her mom on a daily basis, she can't get enough of her best friend.

Paula is so sweet and has truly created a remarkable daughter. The love Rachel has for her mother is admirable. She created Rachel Lynn Chicago in 2009, inspired by her mother, a jeweler herself for over fifteen years. Rachel's bracelets are hand crafted to perfection. We love this mother-daughter friendship and believe a love like theirs is what Mother's Day is all about.