Unveiling the 2016 Ferrari 488 Spider with Geneva Seal Fine Jewelry & Timepieces in Chicago

Geneva Seal Fine Jewelry & Timepieces, Hublot and Lake Forest Sportscars unveiled the 2016 Ferrari 488 Spider during an exclusive event at Prairie Production in Chicago yesterday evening.

Meet the Ferrari 488 Spider, the turbocharged drop-top that has all the awesome performance figures of the GTB plus the option of driving with nothing but blue skies above!

Hublot has become the watchmaking partner of Ferrari, creating the MP-05 LaFerrari. In a demonstration that lives up to the car, the Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari watch has the longest power reserve of any mechanical watch on the planet.

The in-house made and designed Hublot movement has 50 days of power reserve. That is about 1,200 hours. A standard mechanical movement has about 42 hours of power reserve. 

If you are into luxury then the most important thing to know about the Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari watch is that it is the most expensive and high-end timepiece (so far) to come as a result of the Hublot + Ferrari relationship. 

The Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari watch remains one of the coolest ultra-luxury-watches on the planet and represents the apex of what Hublot is able to achieve.

The case is 45.8mm tall by 39.5mm wide and 15.3mm thick. It does seem to be bigger than it actually is, but what else would you expect from a timepiece intended to be larger than life? 

Breitling Jet Team Getting Ready to Wow Chicago Air & Water Show Crowds

Geneva Seal Fine Jewelry & Timepieces, a Chicago engagement ring and watch house is proud to welcome the Breitling Jet Team for their first flight at our annual Chicago Air & Water Show.

New to the air show this year,  the Breitling Jet Team came to us from France. They put their Czech-made Aero L-39c Albatros jets in shipping containers to bring them to the U.S. for their first American tour.

According to CBS Chicago, team leader Jacques Bothelin said,

“We try to choreograph the scenes in a specific European manner. It’s a little different from what you have seen with the American teams. We also use a lot of music, and try to give positive emotion to the spectators. We just want to give them a good time by the elegance (and) grace of the maneuvers,” he said.

Geneva Seal Fine Jewelry & Timepieces in Chicago is an Authorized Dealer for Breitling Watches in Chicago.

The HYT H4 Gotham Watch Exclusively at Geneva Seal Fine Jewelry & Timepieces in Chicago

What is the HYT H4 Gotham watch?

Well, essentially it is the HYT H1 with a skeletonized movement in the HYT Skull case. The Skull enlarged the already big 48.8mm wide H1 case to 51mm with additional case changes, such as removal of the crown guard.

Nevertheless, here, in this very lightweight carbon material, it doesn't feel heavy or too big on the wrist (even though it is 17.9mm thick). If you are going to wear a large watch, you might as well wear something like this that combines a radical design with a cool movement that you really want to see in action.

If you are new around here and haven't heard of HYT yet, the point of the brand is to use liquid to help indicate the time.

This HYT H4 Gotham uses red-colored liquid in the specially developed tube and bellows system to indicate the hours. A more traditional hand on the dial indicates the minutes, while it is flanked on either side with a subsidiary seconds dial to the left and a power reserve indicator to the right. Not that the H1 watch's movement wasn't at all skeletonized, but the HYT H4's movement steps it up a notch with a sapphire crystal plate serving as much of the dial over some movement bridges. Geneva Seal Fine Jewelry & Timepieces is the ONLY Authorized Dealer for HYT watches in Chicago.

The Chicago Blackhawks Wear Geneva Seal by Rachel Lynn Chicago Bracelets

Joakim Nordström (Chicago Blackhawk), Rachel Leykind (creator of Rachel Lynn Chicago), Viktor Svedberg (Chicago Blackhawk).

Joakim Nordström (Chicago Blackhawk), Rachel Leykind (creator of Rachel Lynn Chicago), Viktor Svedberg (Chicago Blackhawk).

The Chicago Blackhawks 2015 Stanley Cup Champions not only showed off the Stanley Cup last week, but their wrists were covered with Geneva Seal's very own Rachel Lynn Chicago bracelets. Chicago Blackhawk, Joakim Nordstrom #42, rocked his Rachel Lynn Chicago bracelets while singing Macklemore at the rally to celebrate their BIG WIN!

Rachel Leykind created Rachel Lynn Chicago in 2009. Inspired by her mother, a jeweler herself for over fifteen years, Rachel's pieces are hand crafted to perfection. Rachel offers only natural hand selected gemstones from around the world to create her beaded designs.

Each bracelet is one of a kind and can be worn as a single strand or stacked with other pieces. Stop by Geneva Seal Chicago to view the collection or Rachel can custom design your own unique bracelets.


The Geneva Seal Family Invites Legendary Watchmaker, Roger Dubuis to Chicago

Geneva Seal Fine Jewelry & Timepieces in Chicago invited legendary master watchmaker, Mr. Roger Dubuis to a memorable night. "The Spirit of the Founder" dinner, paid Hommage to the highly creative man behind Roger Dubuis, the only Manufacture whose entire production is certified with the Geneva Seal, the ultimate recognition of exceptional quality

Mr. Roger Dubuis was delighted to meet the clients who chose to add a Roger Dubuis watch to their collection. A bold choice. Demonstrating confidence and the wish to affirm your own personality without compromise.

Roger Dubuis reflects a world all its own. A world where exuberance rules and creativity reigns supreme. It is a resolutely extravagant, rebellious and elegant brand, worthy of the best in Haute Horlogerie. For innovation is born from a heartfelt respect for tradition and craftsmanship.

The brand's enormous creativity is reflected in the worlds of five distinct characters: the elegant player of the "La Monégasque" collection, the powerful warrior of the "Excalibur" collection, the modern venturer of the "Pulsion" collection, the sophisticated diva of the "Velvet" collection, naturally gravitating around the fifth element represented by the “Incredible Mechanics” of the Hommage collection.

In the strict tradition of Fine Watchmaking, all the components of Roger Dubuis 31 exclusive movements are finished and decorated by hand. Geneva Seal Fine Jewelry & Timepieces in is proud to be the only authorized dealer for Roger Dubuis in Illinois.

Lord Stanley Is En Route to Chicago: X-Rayed at Airport

Tonight, Geneva Seal Fine Jewelry & Timepieces in Chicago will be cheering for our favorite boys, The Chicago Blackhawks! The excitement this team has spread around our city is contagious, even the rainy summer days can't bring us down... It's on Tampa Bay. It's ON.

If the Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup on home ice, it will be the first time since 1938! But first, even the Lord has to pass through airport security. As posted on Twitter by Philip Pritchard — the Stanley Cup's guardian —  hockey's ultimate prize went through the X-ray machine just before taking flight to Chicago.

The Stanley Cup goes through the X-ray process before taking flight to Chicago.

The Stanley Cup goes through the X-ray process before taking flight to Chicago.

Alex Kats (Geneva Seal), Blackhawks players; Niklas Hjalmarsson (4) Joakim Nordstrom (42)

Alex Kats (Geneva Seal), Blackhawks players; Niklas Hjalmarsson (4) Joakim Nordstrom (42)

Roger Dubuis Introduces the Excalibur Knights of the Round Table II: A Spectacular New Interpretation of a Timeless Legend

In 2013, the legend of King Arthur was the inspiration for a one-of-a-kind Roger Dubuis creation named Excalibur Knights of the Round Table. Today, in 2015, Roger Dubuis proudly introduces a new interpretation of the key values that have made this ageless legend truly universal, the Excalibur Knights of the Round Table II: A timeless legend.

Masterfully engraved and laden with symbolism, this fresh expression of the Round Table legend adds even further weight to the evocative power of the piece. 

Legend has it that Merlin declared: «around this table, the bravest knights will gather as equals. They will set forth in search of adventure, righting wrongs, protecting the weak and humbling the proud». Thus began the adventures, as the 12 Knights took the oath of allegiance to King Arthur, swearing to spare no effort, overcome any obstacle and return triumphant. 

From the Middle Ages to the modern day, the universality of the legend of the Wizard and the Knights of the Round Table has remained popular. King Arthur valiantly defends his realm from his enemies and all the action takes place essentially in the mythical forest of Brocéliande.

The best, the noblest and the purest of men are at his side in combat, companions whose strength of arm is equaled only by their strength of character. The story of their exploits has marked history and eloquently honored the cardinal values of strength and respect.



These are much the same aspirations that motivate Manufacture Roger Dubuis in its ongoing desire to make people dream and its quest for its own particular Holy Grail: the uncompromising excellence epitomized in its 100% Poinçon de Genève certification. 

Product Design Director Lionel Favre explains: “In this standout model, the motto of the mythical knights, ‘Courage and generosity’ reflects the Roger Dubuis approach to its craft. It is nobly represented by the artists and watchmakers working in close collaboration to create an alliance of both traditions.

The sum of this precision and craftsmanship consists of detail that is so fine and intricate it can only be appreciated when examined through a jeweler's eyepiece.”

Boldness and steadfastness. Courage and generosity. Strength and respect. Fearlessness, rigour and discipline. These are precisely the kind of values with which Manufacture Roger Dubuis senses a natural kinship spanning the ages and which naturally find their place at the Round Table of enduring horological excellence.

George Clooney, OMEGA Watches and Geneva Seal in Chicago Landed on the Moon

Houston, we have an event! Guests are boarding the spaceship... with George Clooney, Alex Kats and Leonard Goldberg of Geneva Seal Fine Jewelry & Timepieces in Chicago leading the flight to the OMEGA Moon.

The Invitation to Geneva Seal: #OmegaFirstWatchOnTheMoon 12.05.2015, 8:30 PM, UTC-5

The Invitation to Geneva Seal: #OmegaFirstWatchOnTheMoon 12.05.2015, 8:30 PM, UTC-5

2 people on the Moon at once? OMEGA's dining area accommodated more!

2 people on the Moon at once? OMEGA's dining area accommodated more!

OMEGA greeted George Clooney, Alex Kats and Leonard Goldberg of Geneva Seal Fine Jewelry & Timepieces in Chicago in true NASA fashion, with a spaceship entrance to The OMEGA Moon.

The magical “On The Moon” dinner was prepared by A Fare Extraordinaire and OMEGA flew in French chef Valentin Neraudeau from Paris to create the menu and mixologist Justin Darnes from London to design the incredible cocktails.

The lady of the night Lily Koppel, author of the “The Astronaut Wives Club,” welcomed Clooney to the stage, calling him the  “man on the moon.” He talked about the significance of the Apollo 13 Mission.

“It was a huge part of the optimism at the time when you really believed that anything was possible. And I remember the idea of landing on the moon and I remember (thinking) if we could do that, honestly we could do anything,” he said. ”If you go and look at that actual space craft, the idea that anyone got into it is crazy. It’s like getting into a ’57 Chevy and saying I’m going to take it to the moon and back. It’s just the bravest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Clooney shared the stage with Omega president Stephen Urquhart and astronauts Jim Lovell and Tom Stafford. Lovell presented the Silver Snoopy Award to Omega. The award, which he created in 1970, was designed to uplift and honor an organization that did something unique, he said.

Lovell showed off the Omega watch he wore 75 hours in space. “The bezel is gone and the crystal is cracked,” he said, describing the Omega brand as “the best watch in the universe.”

On display were symbolic and iconic OMEGA watches. The historic significance OMEGA watches hold is unmatched and Geneva Seal Fine Jewelry & Timepieces in Chicago is proud to welcome Omega to our home.

Gordon Cooper's actual Mercury Capsule "Faith 7". He used it to circle earth 22 times.

Gordon Cooper's actual Mercury Capsule "Faith 7". He used it to circle earth 22 times.

The original "First OMEGA in Space", the same model worn by astronaut Walter "Wally" Schirra in 1962.

The original "First OMEGA in Space", the same model worn by astronaut Walter "Wally" Schirra in 1962.

A proper OMEGA Speedmaster wristshot requires an Apollo spacesuit.

A proper OMEGA Speedmaster wristshot requires an Apollo spacesuit.

Apollo 17's actual command module.

Apollo 17's actual command module.

The new Speedmaster ’57 and the ceramic Speedmasters have attracted a new generation of chronograph fans.

The new Speedmaster ’57 and the ceramic Speedmasters have attracted a new generation of chronograph fans.

Mayweather May Be Hated by Many, but Our Watch Brand Hublot Chose the WBC Champion of the World

Still unbeaten, Hublot ambassador Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. beat Manny Pacquiao Saturday night, in what was dubbed the "Fight of the Century". Wearing black and gold Hublot boxing trunks, Mayweather was named the WBC CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!

Geneva Seal Fine Jewelry & Timepieces in Chicago is the only Authorized Dealer in Illinois for luxury watch brand Hublot, who presented the undefeated 10-Time World Champion with a unique King Power WBC Full Pavé with Emeralds to mark the occasion.

Mayweather also wore the Hublot brand name on his boxing trunks – something he has never done previously. “Everyone knows I am a big fan of luxury watches and Hublot is one of them,” said Mayweather minutes before the highly anticipated weight-in. “I am extremely grateful for their support and I look forward to adding the King Power WBC Full Pavé with Emeralds to my collection.”

Say what you will about "Money" Mayweather's arrogant attitude and honesty when it comes to glamorizing money but he was money once again in the richest fight ever.

According to the Associated Press, "Pacquiao did what he wanted to do, chasing Mayweather around the ring most of the fight. But he was never able to land a sustained volume of punches, often looking frustrated as Mayweather worked his defensive wizardry once again."

Mayweather used his reach and his jab to frustrate Manny Pacquiao, piling up enough points to win by unanimous decision and remained unbeaten in 48 fights with a win that cemented his legacy as the best of his generation.

Update: Valentine's Day Contest Winners Wear Their His/Her Prizes During Gender Reveal Party

Geneva Seal Fine Jewelry & Timepieces in Chicago posted a Valentine's Day contest and our winners have just announced very BIG news: THEY'RE PREGNANT! While wearing their his/her Rachel Lynn Chicago for Geneva Seal bracelets, they hosted a fabulous gender reveal party & we're so excited to share the beautiful photos.

Just In: Diamond Rings

Geneva Seal Fine Jewelry & Timepieces in Chicago has a stunning selection of fashion rings. We have just added 7 lucky rings to our home. Enjoy.

Wedding Wednesday: Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Once in a blue moon a diamond enters our Geneva Seal home that is so breathtaking, so beautiful, and so sexy that we just. Can't. Take it.

Yellow diamonds do that to me. The symbolic essence of the yellow color is renewal, hope, cheerfulness and sunlight. A yellow diamond ring, whether given to your love as an engagement ring, gifted to yourself or someone in your life is said to bring blessings of joy and prosperity.

Without a doubt, it would be a perfect gesture if you propose to your love with a yellow diamond engagement ring. Diamonds don't have to be white. Rock a yellow center stone and shine on.

There are different shades of yellow diamonds. Natural fancy yellow diamonds (or canary diamonds) come in varying color shades - like faint, very light, light, fancy, fancy intense, fancy vivid, and fancy deep.

The most intriguing part about yellow diamonds is that no two yellow stones are ever alike, fulfilling the engagement ring trend of more unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. The fascinating and distinct hue and brilliance of each yellow diamond is quite different, as opposed to the many similar looking white diamonds.

Choice of metal will depend on your taste. You may choose to set the yellow diamond in either contrasting white gold or platinum. Monochrome hues of white gold and platinum impart a sharpened visual impact to a yellow diamond. Yellow metal can also be a choice, but it doesn’t do justice to the brilliance of a yellow diamond.

Choosing the setting is tough and Geneva Seal in Chicago keeps in mind your loves lifestyle. Each ring is unique and special, deciding on the setting of your loves engagement ring has to do with their taste and way of life. However, open and clear setting do justice to yellow diamond engagement rings.

It’s crucial to let in plenty of light under the diamond for maximum brilliance from all angles. This is best accomplished by prong setting that looks extremely compelling and elegant, while tension setting adds a dramatic touch.

On the contrary, I will not suggest bezel setting and channel setting for yellow stones, as these settings cover a big portion of the stone causing a dull appearance. Go for bezel only if your love has an active lifestyle.

Shine on.


HYT Might Be the Coolest Luxury Watch Brand in the Game Right Now

HYT, the "Hydromechanical Horologists" released their third watch model - the HYT Skull. Once again, HYT has created a never before seen design. Skull watches might not be anything new, but the HYT Skull is the first futuristic skull watch to enter the watch game.

The most interesting part of the HYT Skull is that it doesn't indicate minutes. The HYT Skull will be offered in two versions, one will be in DLC black titanium with green liquid, and the other will be in 18k rose gold with DLC black titanium and will feature red colored liquid. They are individually known as the HYT Skull Green Eye and HYT Skull Red Eye – and come in a new HYT case size of 51mm wide and 17.9mm thick.

According to Ariel Adams from, "inside the HYT Skull watches are exclusive HYT movements. You have an integration of their proprietary bellows and capillary system to move the liquid, which can be seen under the skull's "teeth." The rear of the case is viewable through a sapphire crystal window, offering a nice look into the movement. The movement operates at 4Hz (28,800 bph), with a power reserve of about 65 hours. I like the traditional mentality behind designing it along with the modern aesthetics. Of course, the matching green or red tinted sapphire crystal is a nice touch which adds to the overall presentation of the HYT Skull watch."

Which Victoria's Secret Angel Has a Husband Who's Addicted to Vintage Rolex Watches?

The Angels descended upon London Town and will be gracing the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway tonight, which will air on CBS on Dec 9. The annual fashion show is, where the wings are more angelic than one could imagine, the bras are jeweled to perfection, and the sky high gladiator boots are stairways to heaven.

The super human, or rather, super model beauty Behati Prinsloo will be opening the show for the first time this year. Not only is she one of the sexiest women alive, but she's married to People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive. Does it get sexier than that? Well, it does.

Behati's three time Grammy winning husband, Adam Levine, is a die-hard vintage Rolex fanatic. At Geneva Seal in Chicago, there isn't anything sexier than a man with exceptional taste when it comes to his watch game.

Adam is wearing a vintage Rolex GMT Master on a Jubilee Bracelet.

In the next photo Adam is wearing a vintage Rolex Submariner with a patina.

Adam performing for the Beach Boys 50th anniversary, wearing a stainless steel Paul Newman Rolex Daytona with a red, white and black exotic dial.

In the photo below Adam is rocking a reverse Paul Newman Daytona. If you look closely, you will notice the dial is identical to the one pictured above, but the colors are reversed.

BIG NEWS: HYT Won the "Favourite Men's Watch" Award

Geneva Seal's exclusive luxury watch brand HYT (Hydro-Mechanical Horologists) won the "Favourite Men's Watch" award at this years grandest luxury timepiece and jewellery showcase in Asia, A Journey Through Time. Celebrating it's eighth edition, the annual showcase has become iconic worldwide for bringing together the biggest and most prominent names in the watch and jewellery industry.

The HYT H1 Dracula DLC took home the prestigious "Favourite Men's Watch" award and we couldn't be more proud. According to watch enthusiast Brice Goulard,

"The HYT H1 Dracula is inspired by the most famous vampire of the classical literature, the Count Dracula. To fulfill the spirit of this novel written by Bram Stoker and the Gothic atmosphere that it shows, HYT has chosen a full-black DLC coating on the case, enliven by several bloody-red accents. The fluid also shares that same colour, identical to the HYT H1 Red2. The dial uses that same monochromatic idea with a dark grey finish."

Once again, HYT presents a revolutionary watch. By pushing engineering to new heights and creating a design that generates genuine emotions, HYT is evolving in the upper luxury market. Mixing mechanics and liquid within a wristwatch was a dream - or a nightmare - until the unveiling of HYT timepieces. Geneva Seal couldn't be more thrilled about our very own HYT H1 Dracula winning the "Favourite Men's Watch award. Now, a little more about the watch,

"The bloody-red accents can be found on the second-wheel, the power-reserve indicator and the crown. The strap features a very cool black alligator leather with red veins. The movement is now coated in black too instead of a rhodium plated treatment on the other editions. We also note a little evolution of the central dial that shows the minutes, with bigger indexes, always coated with luminescent material. We can expect a better night-time legibility," explains Brice.

Congratulations to all of this years winners, we can't wait until next year.

Jennifer Lopez's Booty May Have Stolen the Show at the AMAs, but We Were Fooled by the Rocks That She Got

Everyone's talking Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea booty and we're over here like, did you see the diamond rings on Jennifer Lopez's sexy fingers at the American Music Awards last night? The mind blowing diamond ring sparklers should've had their own red carpet moment.

Lopez stunned in Norman Silverman gorgeous diamond studs and large diamond rings while flaunting her perfect figure. We're all about the fine jewelry at these award shows and Lopez definitely gave us something to awe about.

Lopez's diamond rings were almost our favorite when it came to the fine jewelry, but then, at the end of the night came the final presenter who we missed on the red carpet. The always flawless Kate Beckinsale was a vision in classic white.

But it was her dazzling Bulgari Serpenti necklace that sent us over the edge. The diamond encrusted necklace made the biggest statement of the night. The fierceness of her neck piece was everything.

Two of our youngest favorites had a sultry yet elegant vibe. Kiley Jenner showed off her sexy leg in her Alexandre Vauthier dress. The 17-year-old added pointed cage heels, gold accessories, and the most darling mini purse to complete her silky blood red look.

Selena Gomez was completely classy in an Armani Privé gown with an open back. Plus, she added a dash of dazzle with gold cuffs and statement earrings.

You Won't Believe the Story behind the Pearls Wrapped around Kim Kardashian West's Neck in Her Paper Magazine Cover

Some say Kim Kardashian West is the Marilyn Monroe of our time and as Marilyn once said, “diamonds are a girls best friend” but the timeless elegance of pearls is as unique as the woman who wears them. Once a woman wraps a strand of pearls around her neck, she lifts it little higher, confidently greeting the world as if it is her oyster.


The story behind the cluster of pearl necklaces and earrings by Mikimoto worn by Mrs. West for the Paper magazine cover is a tale that defines the meaning of luxury. Kokichi Mikimoto, the 101-year-old Japanese jeweler created the world's first cultured pearl. Just like diamonds, pearls have a grading system, and only 10% of the finest quality cultured pearls are worthy enough to carry the Mikimoto name.


At Geneva Seal we hold quality to the highest regard. Chicago's favorite jeweler, Leonard Goldberg, has over 20 years of experience in the pearl grading system which was pioneered by Mikimoto. Because of the knowledge acquired by many years of training that Mr. Goldberg has in the pearl industry, Geneva Seal is able to provide our clients with the finest quality pearls available. We, like Mikimito, house only the most exquisite and exclusive pearls available. The story of Mikimoto is similar to that of our family, starting with nothing and slowly building a jewelry house that holds only the finest jewelry in the world.

Kokichi Mikimoto was only 13 years old when he became fascinated with pearl hunting his town's most famous product: Ise Pearls. He was unhappy with the pearl industries lack of quality when he saw misshapen and underdeveloped pearls being sold. He learned that Akoya oysters produced the best pearls. He explored methods of introducing a particle into the flesh of the oyster to stimulate secretions of "nacre" that build up in hundreds of thousands of layers, creating a lustrous pearl.

Mikimoto dropped out of school to support his family after his father fell ill and with an entrepreneur spirit and highly intellectual mind, took the pearl industry by storm. But not without plenty of setbacks, from natural disasters that threatened the survival of his oyster beds to oyster-eating octopi. It wasn't until Mikimoto was 35 when his wife gathered a basket of oysters from the sea to inspect and found a shimmering pearl. The first cultured pearl.

The Japanese house of Mikimoto cultured pearls brought unprecedented luxury to a new breed of emancipated, working woman, delivering quintessential femininity and the ultimate in classic style to women all over the globe. Like Mrs. West's oiled up body, Mikimoto's pieces are objects of desire.

One woman who treasured her Mikimoto pearls is Marilyn Monroe. One of the few pieces of precious jewelery owned by Monroe, the 16-inch strand of 44 Akoya pearls, with its signature Mikimoto gold clasp, is iconic.

We doubt it is by coincidence that Mrs. West chose to wear the same pearls that were adorned by Marilyn Monroe since her husband, Kanye West, is extremely vocal about his wife being compared to Marilyn. Whether or not you think Kim Kardashian is the Marilyn Monroe of our time, one thing we could agree on is that the pearls wrapped around her neck are the finest quality cultured pearls in the world.

Happy Halloween from Geneva Seal Fine Jewelry and Timepieces

Happy Halloween from Geneva Seal Fine Jewelry and Timepieces in Chicago. It's the most wonderful time of year on Oak Street. Chicago just saw it's first snowfall a couple hours ago and the windy city is officially in a frenzy. We're getting in the Halloween spirit with our diamond rings and enough chocolate to turn into a pumpkin by 12 o'clock. Trick or Treat Chicago!