World Record

Sunrise Ruby Sold for a World Record Record of $30.3 Million & It Has Pigeon's Blood?

They say diamonds are forever, but you can't deny the seductive nature of a Rubie.

The Sunrise Ruby sold for a world auction record of $30.3 million last week. Set with diamonds, the extremely rare 25.59 carats piece has a “pigeon’s blood” hue with the Swiss Gemological Institute describing it as a “unique treasure of nature”, according to Sotheby’s. No, not real pigeon's blood, pigeon's blood is the trade term for a ruby with what the industry considers the deepest red with the most saturation

“In over 40 years, I cannot recall ever having seen another Burmese ruby of this exceptional size possessing such outstanding colour,” said David Bennett, the worldwide chairman of Sotheby’s international jewellery division.