#TBT: Mother's Day Love: Meet the Geneva Seal Family Part II

"All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother." Abraham Lincoln

Mother's Day is extra special at Geneva Seal Fine Jewelry & Timepieces in Chicago. Being a family-owned business, family is first, second and third. We wanted to honor the amazing women who created the Geneva Seal family by introducing them to our digital family.

From our family to yours, here's a little motherly love we're happy to share with you.

Alex Kats has a vivacious mother who comes to the boutique quite often. Alex's parents don't live in Illinois, but whenever they're in town, his mother Rachel comes to Geneva Seal to work. Rachel used to organize and set the business in the right direction a long time ago, but when she's in town, you best believe she continues where she left off. She comes in at 9am and doesn't leave until the end of the day.

Much like his mother, Alex has a work ethic you don't see in most people. He doesn't take a day off and will stand for most of the day, giving Geneva Seal his 110% on a daily basis. I was talking to Michael, our Geneva Seal jeweler yesterday and he told me that Alex's leadership changed him from being a salesperson to a friend. Alex's clients always brag about his honesty and laid back approach and we definitely believe in thanking his mother for those sincere compliments. Happy Mother's Day Rachel. We hope to see you soon.

Igor's mother Larisa in no way looks like a mother of two grown adults, let alone a grandmother to three teenagers. Larisa is Alex's mother-in-law, making Igor his brother-in-law. They are closer than most brothers and their family bond is unbreakable.

I met Larisa at the Geneva Seal holiday dinner. Her and her stunning daughter, Alex's wife Irene laid out the most amazing and tasteful spread you could imagine. I could tell that these two ladies were the bond that holds this family together. Irene raises two teenage girls, a husband, and works full-time as an optometrist. I'm not sure how she finds the time to manage her schedule, but she makes it look effortless.

There's strength in motherhood no one but a mother could understand, which reminds me of the story Alex told us about Irene. Two days after his wife gave birth to their beautiful daughter, she was back at school to take the test which determined her becoming a doctor. Strength like that is rare and once again, the only woman to thank for acquiring such strength is her mother Larisa.