Ulysse Nardin Focuses on Maritime History

One of the most intriguing and thematically on-point timepieces to come out of this years Baselworld fair was a distinctive tourbillon featuring a minute indicator that sweeps across the handcrafted wood marquetry dial like the boom of a ship: The Grand Deck Marine Tourbillon.

Ulysse Nardin Grand Deck Watch

The Ulysse Nardin chief executive, Patrik Hoffmann, said at an event in New York while celebrating the partnership with Sweden's Artemis Racing:

“It really represents the spirit of Ulysse Nardin, the spirit of the sea, and also the spirit of innovation,

I remember one-and-half years ago when I went to see the base of the Artemis racing team in San Francisco, I was amazed at the innovation that goes into those boats.

And the same is true of our timepieces. And this timepiece, the Grand Deck, really represents that.”

Ulysse Nardin is placing its relationship to the sea—and its 20-year-old maritime-inspired Marine collection—front and center this year. Hoffman continued:

“We were always connected to the sea. The anchor in the logo was there forever.

We were one of the leaders in producing the chronometers that they have on ships to navigate.

We delivered those to almost all the navies in the world.

When we announced the partnership with Artemis, nobody questioned it because it was clear—the sea belongs to Ulysse Nardin.”

Ulysse Nardin Diver Hammer Watch

Ulysse Nardin Freakwing Watch

Ulysse Nardin Jade Watch

Ulysse Nardin America Watch

Only very few companies can produce a movement from A to Z, including the heart of the movement, which is the escapement.

Ulysse Nardin can do everything in house. If someone looks into a Ulysse Nardin watch, they get the value because it’s true, the history is true, and the people behind the product are there.