All About Blancpain Watches

November 9, 2023

Blancpain Watch


Blancpain Watches

Are you shopping for prestigious watches in Chicagoland? Few brands are worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as Blancpain. Known for utter intricacy, scratch resistance, and near-endless reserves of power, Blancpain watches rank among the finest luxury watches ever conceived. Explore the characteristics of these astonishing timepieces with Geneva Seal. Then, browse our selection of Blancpain collections, and learn about the services we provide to help you care for your timepiece.

The Highest Level of Horlogerie

At the Blancpain workshop in Vallée de Joux, Switzerland, each of the watchmakers and artisans uphold the great tradition of haute horlogerie, an ancient Swiss code of honor to imbue watches with mechanical mastery and elaborate beauty. Blancpain watchmakers craft the most exquisite watch movements and complications in-house, working with nothing less than the finest materials. Here are just a few of the movements, complications, and ornaments you’ll find on Blancpain watches:

  • Full calendars
  • Perpetual calendars
  • Annual calendars
  • Moon phase indicators
  • The equation of time
  • Carousels
  • Tourbillons
  • One-minute flying tourbillon
  • Chronographs and minute repeaters
  • Split-seconds chronograph
  • GMT
  • Alarms

Meanwhile, Blancpain’s highly skilled artisans follow Japanese techniques of binchōtan and shakudō, as well as traditional damascening. These processes bring a distinctive flavor to the details of Blancpain watches, from etches on dials to enameled miniature portraits. Rest assured, each millimeter of these prestigious watches has been imbued with tremendous passion and peerless skill.

Reverently Improving the Past

But a commitment to the principles of haute horlogerie and a profound gift for crafting classic complications doesn’t quite encompass the ethos of Blancpain craft. That is to say, Blancpain master watchmakers and artisans have freedom to stretch. For instance, the complications of several luxury watches are exclusive to Blancpain watches, including the Carrousel Volant Une Minute and Calendrier Chinois Traditionnel.

Not to forget, Blancpain watches exclusively feature correctors beneath the horns. These correctors do away with any need for corrector levels in your case, which have scratched the finishes of many prestigious watches. More to the point, throughout these distinguished watches, you will find the razor’s edge in design materials, which can include

  • Silicon balance springs
  • Amagnetic properties
  • Titanium balance wheels
  • Mainsprings with special alloys
  • Liquidmetal™ markings and depth gauges (for diver watches)
  • Precision technologies in the development of wheels and pinions

Inquire About Blancpain Watches at Geneva Seal in Chicago

Are you interested in exploring the carefully curated selection of prestigious watches? Call our experts at (312) 944-3100, or stop by our store in the iconic Gold Coast neighborhood at 112 E. Oak St., Chicago, IL. We can give you a personal tour of the many collections of Blancpain watches we carry at Geneva Seal, including luxury watches from other prestigious watchmakers.