Breitling Watches: Take Flight

Breitling is a name with a long and storied legacy. Founded by Léon Breitling in 1884, this Swiss watchmaker has spent more than a century delivering some of the most remarkable high-precision luxury timepieces ever made. Gaston Breitling, who took over for his father in 1914, is credited with introducing the very first central second hand just one year later.

In 1936, Willy Breitling was responsible for the introduction of a powerful on-board chronograph, utilized across the aviation industry—and even by the British Royal Air Force. Classic timepieces like the Chronomat—first introduced in 1941—still rank among the best-selling products of Swiss manufacturing. The iconic Breitling Navitimer watch, intended for aviation, and the Breitling Superocean watch, built for diving, are two important parts of this model’s legacy.

More recently, Breitling timepieces have found their way into Bentley motor cars, where they symbolize an unquestionable symmetry between form and function. The Swiss watchmaker’s Emergency line is still the gold standard for pilots and aviators who fly all over the globe. Breitling watches have also attained a near universal appeal in popular culture, appearing in James Bond movies like Thunderbolt (1965), as well as in sitcoms like Seinfeld

Although new names have been introduced as the years roll by, timepieces like the Chonomat 32 and the Superocean Automatic 34 continue to uphold the brand’s legacy while pushing it forward in exciting new directions. 

Explore Breitling Watches in Chicago

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  • Breitling Professional

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