October 20, 2021


when fantasies turn into jewelry | created by capolavoro

Childlike light-heartedness, fairy-tale worlds and fantasies, dreams and desires. In short: pure fascination is the most important element of the BILLION DREAMS line of precious jewelry. At first glance, it’s a magical reinterpretation of the snow globe. But at second glance – and at every admiring glance thereafter – it’s an entirely new dimension in the goldsmith’s art, an outstanding homage to the craft and a sensual invitation to play with effects. Immerse yourself in this delicate yet opulent world: our little works of art are just waiting to make your heartfelt dreams come true. Skilled artisans meticulously cut, polish and handcraft the glass body to create a refined stage for the ever-changing diamond spectacle at the heart of this masterpiece. A patented liquid surrounds the diamonds, which seem to float weightlessly. Every turn or slight motion of the wearer’s body changes the look and creates a sparkling new arrangement. As precious as love: that’s how luxurious BILLION DREAMS truly is.

LUCKY STARS – a starry hour for lovers of exceptionally crafted jewels, created by CAPOLAVORO. 

A precious piece of jewelry, crafted in a limited edition of just 99 individual pieces, and an invitation to enjoy limitless imaginary journeys and daydreams: that’s the LUCKY STARS snow globe from the BILLION DREAMS collection. Magnificent. Unconventional. Unique. Dreamy. Fantasies enrich our lives. Experience the jeweler’s art on the highest, previously unattained level with the LUCKY STARS dream globe, a new interpretation of the snow globe. Because LUCKY STARS is precisely what its name says it is: your personal lucky star. Look! Up in the sky, a shooting star! Quick, make a wish! Perhaps for a new piece of jewelry?


Our newest dream globe is as precious and unique as all our others – and perhaps for you it will be more fascinating than every other. Because MAGIC STAR is your own personal lucky charm, a fabulous VIP invitation to make your cherished dreams come true. The magic number here is eighty-eight – because that’s how many little diamonds float in the sphere. Each diamond sparklingly embodies your longings and your moments of happiness. Especially sophisticated: you can wear your MAGIC STAR alternately long or short. The short necklace instantly transforms into a bracelet and a casual everyday companion. Pssst! It’s also available individually, without a pendant. Adorn your neck or wrist with our sparkling stars. We wish you magical moments with MAGIC STAR!



Journey of love – your invitation to an unforgettable journey, created by 

CAPOLAVORO. Are you planning your next trip? We have a brilliant idea for you. Fly to your personal heaven of love! Celebrate the love of your life, or your personal dream journey of a lifetime with the JOURNEY OF LOVE Dream Globe from the BILLION DREAMS collection. Your destination? Wherever your heart’s dreams come true! Because the BILLION DREAMS collection reinterprets the snow globe and transforms it into jewelry. Indescribably tender, precious, emotional and touching. A declaration of love for the goldsmith’s art. Step into our dream world and own one of the 99 pieces in the limited JOURNEY OF LOVE series. Inspiring travels!