October 3, 2018

Still, in pre-production development, Devon unveils its newest masterpiece: an epic desktop clock. The base of the clock uses electromagnetics to float the Devon clock — a crystal clear globe with a timekeeping device in the center — without interfering with the power. In fact, the power to the clock within the pod is being delivered through the air in the pod. The clock, which uses Devon’s patented system of interwoven time belts to display the hours, minutes, and seconds — then harvests the power thanks to high-tech inductive technology. The levitating clock actually defies gravity. The globe can be launched from the base and rotate left or right or move up and down. The Desk Clock uses the Devon Tread 1 watch’s onboard microprocessor to control all of the functions. It gathers data from a temperature-compensated crystal and a proprietary optical recognition system, which continuously monitors and verifies the position of the time belts for steadfast accuracy. The Clock is accurate to within one half of a second per day; it will be built in a very limited edition.

Devon teams with Group 63, a premier AMG club, to create a totally exclusive Group 63 Custom Tread 1 watch. The new Group 63 watch features case parts that are made of black DLC coated 316L stainless steel and carbon fiber master links. The black movement uses red motor housings, indicator plate, hour and minute numerals, and a red seconds indicator – all against pitch black. It is finished with a handmade custom black leather strap with red racing cross-stitching. The Tread1 movement consists of an onboard microprocessor that controls the watch functions, as well as a proprietary optical recognition system, lubricant-free ruby bearings, and more. Power is provided by a lithium-polymer rechargeable cell which is repowered inductively and can run for up to two weeks on a single charge. Just 63 pieces will be made.

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By Roberta Naas: DuPont Registry