Genuine Leather Watch StrapLuxury and customizability go hand in hand, and when you know how to change your Bell & Ross watch strap at home, you can easily configure your timepiece to suit any mood, outfit, or occasion. The process of changing a Bell & Ross watch band generally takes less than ten minutes, and although we’d be happy to take care of everything in-house, we’re just as glad to show you how it’s done.

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Replacing Bell & Ross Watch Bands Step-by-Step

You will need two special hexagon-tipped wrenches in order to remove the screws—but these are included with your purchase, and may be found inside the box that once housed your timepiece. If you can’t find the tools or would prefer to rely on our expertise, you can always make an appointment and allow us to take care of the process for you. Replacement tools are also available for purchase.

With the right tools in hand, you’re ready to switch out the strap on your Bell & Ross timepiece:

Removing a Bell & Ross Watch Band

  1. Within the box that your Bell & Ross watch came in, you’ll find two black hexagon-tipped tools designed to fit the screws that hold the strap to the watch face. One of these tools is bent at a 90-degree angle, while the other is straight.
  2. Locate the screws at each corner of your Bell & Ross watch face. Align the angled hex tool with the top-left screw and, once it is in position, hold it tightly in place using the ball of your thumb.
  3. Now, with your other hand, take the straight hex tool and align it with the top-right screw. While the other end of the screw is held in place, turn the straight hex tool counter-clockwise to release the mechanism.
  4. After a few turns, you should be able to remove the top-right screw by pulling on it gently. This step will remove the Bell & Ross watch band. At the same time, you’ll want to make sure that you retrieve the top-left screw (which is much shorter) and set it aside.
  5. To remove the bottom screws, repeat the exact steps we’ve laid out above.

Installing a New Bell & Ross Watch Band

  1. Carefully align the holes of the new strap with the line through which the screws will be reinserted.
  2. When the strap is in place, gently thread one of the long screws through the watch face and the new strap.
  3. When the long screw is in place, place the short screw in position.
  4. Keep the long screw held in place using the angled hex tool and the ball of your thumb. Use the straight hex tool to tighten the small screw while the long side is secure.
  5. Repeat these steps with the other part of the strap.

Bell & Ross Replacement Straps and Clasps

There are dozens of Bell & Ross watch bands available for purchase, separated into four categories: Vintage, Instruments, Marine, and Others (Previous Models). Within each category, you’ll also encounter a wide range of clasps that can adorn your watch band. We couldn’t begin to list all the options here, but we can’t resist the opportunity to share a few of our favorite styles and materials:

  • Materials: Choose between satin-finished steel, alligator, calfskin, rubber, ceramic, and canvas—or opt for a steel pocket watch chain.
  • Colors: In addition to classic neutrals like black, brown, tan, and white, Bell & Ross watch bands are offered in khaki green, yellow, orange, pink, red, and innumerable other shades.

New straps generally cost between $125 and $600, while unique clasps may range from roughly $85 to $150.

For a complete brochure with details on all of your options, contact us today.

Geneva Seal is Here to Help

When you purchase a luxury timepiece from Geneva Seal, you become a part of our family. Whether you’re currently shopping for a customizable Bell & Ross watch, looking for a specialized new strap, or hoping to make a quick change while you’re here in Chicago, we’re ready to assist you today. Schedule an appointment at our Oak Street boutique and experience our dedication to quality for yourself.