Beating beneath the dome of the UR-100V is the new URWERK Calibre 12.02 with its three-satellite time display. “The change of calibre for this version is reflected in the redesign of the central carousel. The hour-markers are placed closer to the minutes scale for an even more intuitive and fluid reading of the time”, explains Felix Baumgartner. This carousel is forged in aluminium and then sanded and shot-blasted after anodising. Each of the satellite screws is satin-finished in a circular pattern. The satellites rest on a sanded and ruthenium-treated brass carousel. The structure covering the hours indication is made of sanded and shot-blasted aluminium. The UR-100V’s automatic winding is governed by a bidirectional rotor regulated by a Windfänger airscrew. The aesthetics of the UR-100V’s case is a regressive pleasure. It will indeed remind the URWERK faithful of the aesthetics characterising the first models from the independent brand: “We have taken certain aesthetic elements from our first constructions and destructured our approach. For example, the steel dome of our historic models is reproduced here through the transparency of sapphire crystal. Its perfection is highlighted by the roughness of the titanium and steel case. As someone who constantly questions the dictates of symmetry, I have played with proportions to challenge the eye”, sums up Martin Frei.


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