Yellow Diamonds

The Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring You Have to See to Believe

Geneva Seal Fine Jewelry & Timepieces in Chicago is proud to house this magnificent 7 Carat Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring. Designed and created by Chicago's favorite jeweler and Geneva Seal's very own, Leonard Goldberg. Geneva Seal Yellow Diamonds possess a sublime color that is rivaled only by the rays of sun. Hand selected by Goldberg, a master gemologist and set to perfection, this rare jewel glows as if lit by an inner flame.


The Geneva Seal Yellow Diamond is presented in a phenomenal new setting. Goldberg specifically created and obsessed over every detail of this extraordinary 7 Carat Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring. Each facet meticulously measured, the mounting was handcrafted in pursuit of absolute perfection.

It's Not the Size of the Diamond in Nicki Minaj's Engagement Ring We're Not Impressed by, It's the Craftsmanship

Anybody, anybody wanna by a heart? Not only did Meek Mill find the way to Nicki Minaj's heart, he made it officially official with a humongous, heart-shaped engagement ring. After the Queen of rap released The Pinkprint, her heartbroken lyrics left us thinking it would take her quite some time to recover from the 11-year romance to.. what's his name?

Geneva Seal Fine Jewelry & Timepieces in Chicago would like to congratulate Nicki on her & Meek's friendship-turned-romance, but we do have a few things to say about the bling (don't we always?).

Expert jeweler Leonard Goldberg of Geneva Seal in Chicago said, "The unique non-traditional heart-shaped engagement ring makes a different statement and stands out. Based on pictures, it is approximately 10-12 carat Fancy Yellow Heart Shape Diamond." Alex Kats of Geneva Seal in Chicago adds, "If the size matters, the ring looks fantastic, but.." Leonard continues, "the mounting does not complement the heart-shape of the diamond by not accentuating the cleavage between the lobes, so it looks like a strawberry instead of a heart. The double row micro pave diamond halo setting is a sexy trend right now and the contrast between the white and yellow diamonds is the right way to go to bring out the color of the yellow center"

Wedding Wednesday: Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Once in a blue moon a diamond enters our Geneva Seal home that is so breathtaking, so beautiful, and so sexy that we just. Can't. Take it.

Yellow diamonds do that to me. The symbolic essence of the yellow color is renewal, hope, cheerfulness and sunlight. A yellow diamond ring, whether given to your love as an engagement ring, gifted to yourself or someone in your life is said to bring blessings of joy and prosperity.

Without a doubt, it would be a perfect gesture if you propose to your love with a yellow diamond engagement ring. Diamonds don't have to be white. Rock a yellow center stone and shine on.

There are different shades of yellow diamonds. Natural fancy yellow diamonds (or canary diamonds) come in varying color shades - like faint, very light, light, fancy, fancy intense, fancy vivid, and fancy deep.

The most intriguing part about yellow diamonds is that no two yellow stones are ever alike, fulfilling the engagement ring trend of more unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. The fascinating and distinct hue and brilliance of each yellow diamond is quite different, as opposed to the many similar looking white diamonds.

Choice of metal will depend on your taste. You may choose to set the yellow diamond in either contrasting white gold or platinum. Monochrome hues of white gold and platinum impart a sharpened visual impact to a yellow diamond. Yellow metal can also be a choice, but it doesn’t do justice to the brilliance of a yellow diamond.

Choosing the setting is tough and Geneva Seal in Chicago keeps in mind your loves lifestyle. Each ring is unique and special, deciding on the setting of your loves engagement ring has to do with their taste and way of life. However, open and clear setting do justice to yellow diamond engagement rings.

It’s crucial to let in plenty of light under the diamond for maximum brilliance from all angles. This is best accomplished by prong setting that looks extremely compelling and elegant, while tension setting adds a dramatic touch.

On the contrary, I will not suggest bezel setting and channel setting for yellow stones, as these settings cover a big portion of the stone causing a dull appearance. Go for bezel only if your love has an active lifestyle.

Shine on.